How to Contribute Photos to CCdC

Copcar dot com welcomes submissions of police car photographs, modern or antique.

Photo submission email address: Click HERE

PRIOR to your submission, please review this information:

1)  copcar dot com does NOT post photos of fire trucks or ambulances by general contributors. (unless they are in attendance at a POLICE CAR show and posted in the car shows album).

2) copcar dot com does NOT accept submissions of modern unmarked or covert police vehicles.  We also do NOT  accept photographs of modern wrecked vehicles.

3) We reserve the right to not post modern car submissions of inferior quality.  We do not publish photos taken by cell phone cameras or like-quality. 

4) Please be patient.  We all have other lives and don't immediately post photographs.

5) Please assist us in making our postings go a little quicker:

       a) If you have your own folder, please advise us of that in your e mail.  We have a
           staff that is not familiar with all contributors.

       b) Please include your name with your e-mail, we are not mind readers.

6) Please make our job a little easier by properly naming your photos IN THE FILE Name.  If you are capable of doing so, here are some guidelines:

      a) The file name should start with the number 1.  This is because our archives are
          sorted alphabetically.  When we add numerous photos to an album, chasing them
          through multiple pages to locate and title them is very time consuming.  When
          they begin with the "1", they are at the front of the album until we can title them

      b) The next two digits of your file name should include the two-digit Alpha state
          abbreviation (i.e., TX for Texas, MO for Missouri, US for  Federal agencies, etc.).

      c) The next letters of the file name should include the agency name.  No need to put
          "sheriff" or "police" in the file name, strictly the city or county name.  If it is a
          county, place a "Co" after the name of the county.

      d) The next digits of the file name can either be a consecutive number (01, 02, 03)
          or your last name followed by a consecutive number.  (jones01, jones02 or vice
          versa 01jones, 02jones).

      e) Do not put a vehicle make/model in your file name, everyone knows what a Crown
          Vic or Ford Explorer is just by looking at it.  If it is some strange, off the wall type
          of vehicle, make a note in your submission e mail.

          Your file names should look something like this:  1TXHouston01jones.jpg or 
          1GAAtlantajones03.jpg or 1NYChemungCo15jones.jpg or 1USCustoms82.jpg

          Do NOT use hyphens, or dots within the file name (other than the dot before the
          jpg extension)

          If you do not understand how to change a file name, please review your Windows
          user manual.  It is as easy as going in to your file manager and clicking once on
          the file name, pausing and then clicking a second time.  This highlights the name
          of the file (usually not the extension portion) and then you can re-name the file. 

          Normally, you do not put the .jpg into the file name or you will end up with
          "1CODenver01.jpg.jpg".  Also, you cannot convert a .bmp file into a .jpg file simply
          by changing the extension.  It requires software to do so.

       f) Please submit your photographs in jpg format.  Not bmp's, not tif's, etc.

7)  Please include in your e mail that you are submitting these solely for the use of copcar  dot com.  We do not post photographs that are on other police car web sites.  If we later find they are posted on other sites, we remove them from copcar dot com.  There are some sites that steal photos and use them on their sites.  If this is the case, let us know but it will be up to you to contact the other site.  We protect our photos from theft as best as we can.

8)  We only accept photos via e-mail.  Due to time constraints, we can no longer scan your photos (of modern vehicles) for you.

9) Contributors sending in 25 or more photos get their own album.  Otherwise, the photos are put in to the "contributions  by state" albums.  Again, we are not mind readers.  If you intend to submit 25 or more photos, please tell us that on your first submission.  Don't expect us to find the time to later chase and compile your photos from multiple albums and put them in your own album.

10) Please ATTACH your photos in the e-mail.  Do not paste them into the body of the e-mail.  See your user manual for your e-mail client if you do not understand the difference.

11)  We do not chase photos to a web site that you have placed your photos on for us to download.  In other words, don't merely give us an address and tell us that we can take what we want.  If you want to submit photos, do so by e-mailing them.

Here are some further FAQ's about submissions:

Q. I have sent these pictures to a few other web sites.... would you like them too?

A. While the Web is a big place, we believe in originality. It would be pretty boring for a surfer to find page after page of the same police car photos. We don't knowingly use pictures that are already found somewhere else. That is not to say that we won't post a picture of a police department's vehicle just because another picture appears of one somewhere else. But the photo itself must not be posted on another web site.

Q. I see that you have a lot of NYPD pictures, does that mean you won't post any more?

A. I don't mind posting multiple photos from the same agency as long as they are not of the same vehicles that already exist on the web or this web site or are not the same photos that appear elsewhere.

Q. If I send you a picture, is it sure to get put on?

A. Not all photographs are guaranteed to be added, but most are.  Low quality photos or a department that is already heavily represented may be passed over. Please note, though, that OLD vehicle photographs are always welcome, regardless of quality or department representation.

Q. I have a bunch of camera phone pictures I want to submit.  Are those okay?

A. More often than not, the answer is usually, "No."  Camera phones take pretty low quality pictures.  Both the resolution and image size are much smaller than what even the cheapest digital cameras can capture.  Please check your pictures on a computer (not your phone display) and make sure the image quality is comparable to other photos you see posted here.  As a rule of thumb a real camera, even a cheap one, will always produce superior results that you can be proud to submit and we can be proud to post.

Q. Do the pictures I send in have to be mine?

A. We would prefer that they have been taken by you. We will not knowingly post photographs copied out of books, magazines or from other Web sites.

Q. Do you want pictures of Croatian police cars?

A. Yes, we now have archives for foreign submissions.

Q. What format do you prefer?

If you are e mailing your contribution(s) in, we prefer jpg (JPEG) format. You can e mail your photos by clicking here: SUBMIT photosWe prefer that file sizes be under 1000 kb. Also, it would really help if you title the file as described above

Q. How do I mail them in if I don't have a scanner?

A. Sorry, we no longer accept mailed in photos.  The only exception would be with prior arrangement and involve VINTAGE photographs.  No modern photos can be submitted via mail.

Q. What if I am computer illiterate and don't understand all the above things about file names?

A. We are only asking that you make our job easier.  If that is not possible, we will do the tech work for you, don't worry about it.  Send in your photographs.