Police Vehicle Sites


The official web site of the Police Car On-line Owners Association 

Federal Siren Reference Guide

Info on early Federal electronic sirens.  Warning, possible pop-ups

Beat The Heat, Inc.

The dragster cops 

OHP Trooper 180

Excellent old photos of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol 

Squads and Rods

Annual Southern Illinois police & hot rod show

Nebraska Police Directory

Features lists of law enforcement agencies in NE as well as photos of their police vehicles 

Lincoln, NE, Police Vehicle Archives

History of the department vehicles by the Lincoln Police all the way back to the 20s

SSP Mustangs

For the preservation, restoration and sharing of information on '82-'93 Special Service Package Mustangs.


The official pages of the Emergency Vehicle Owners & Operators Association

Military Police Vehicles

MP vehicles from the 60s-70s.  Hard to navigate.

Unofficial NYPD Harbor Unit

Many vintage NYPD police vehicle shots, the Leo Werner Collection

NYPD Police Car History

Outstanding vintage police car collection for the NYPD by Bruno Seliste.  Warning, pop-ups

Dorgan's Lights & Sirens

A possible source of old police car equipment.

Toms Police Car Archives

Current, restored and old photos of police, fire and ambulance vehicles. 

Australian Emergency Vehicle Photography

Police, Fire and Rescue photos of Australia

Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show

Info on the annual Chicago area police car show

CHP Radio & Siren Reference Guide

Research on California Highway Patrol equipment

Police Cars of Oregon

Specializing in Oregon police cars

Police Badge Collecting

Info and photos of antique police badges

Special Service Mustangs

More Ponies

M Squad

Vintage Police decals and graphics

Police Motor Units

by Steve Tritt

The new 2011 Chevy Caprice 9C1

by Car and Driver

Japanese Police Cars


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